linkedin looking for job

linkedin looking for job

linkedin looking for job

linkedin looking for job

The Internet has become the first method used by job seekers, as they scour the various employment sites in search of suitable work, and the methods of submitting an application differ according to the site. There are sites that allow users to create a CV that they can apply with easily for any job that suits them. Send CV to him - with each vacancy announcement.

As for social media, it has become used recently in employment, as it already contains a personal file for each user, which facilitates the process of examination and comparison between job applicants.

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking network, and job hunting is one of the main goals of creating a profile. Here are some tips for everyone who wants to use LinkedIn in their job search:

1. Make sure to complete and update your personal profile, including a personal photo of experiences, skills, volunteer work and training courses ..

2. Ask for recommendations, to boost your profile.

3. Add your friends, colleagues and acquaintances to build a strong network that helps you reach your industry and recruiters and get recommendations.

4. Follow the companies and institutions you want to work for.

5. Join professional recruitment groups and industry groups.

6. Use Status Update to tell everyone that you are looking for a job.

7. Use the advanced job search feature, by searching with keywords, location, field, or even companies you want to work for.

8. Use email alerts, which constantly send you newly posted jobs.

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