Using linkedin to find a job

Using linkedin to find a job

Using linkedin to find a job

Using linkedin to find a job

Linkedin has become the common ground for professionals around the world and is one of the most important tools for employment, research skills, and social communication for business purposes, but, like other tools, it is not effective if it is not used correctly

Here are ten tips for using LinkedIn to find a job and show your account to the largest number of recruitment companies:

 Complete your 100 percent account filling.

The incomplete account reflects the lack of seriousness with the job seeker, so make sure that your account is 100 percent complete, to include a complete picture and list of your certificates, experiences, and accomplishments with links if you find you. Make sure that the account reflects your most recent information. List specific examples and examples of your successes, and start building links and professional relationships.

Put the key words about yourself.

Employers conduct searches to find potential employees, and the more important words about your competencies are ahead, the higher your account results, according to Brenda Bernstein, editor of, and author of "How to create an effective LinkedIn account and 18 errors that should be avoided.

To determine the best keywords, Bernstein recommends "review your skills and review job offers for which you consider yourself eligible. Ask yourself: Which of these skills is the most frequently used in job offers? Use them in the introduction".

If you are currently employed and looking for another job, you do not need to put information in your account about your job search, as Bernstein recommends. "Just complete your account as if you were successful in your current job and want to expand the fields of professional dating".

 Make sure your photo is professional.

According to LinkedIn itself, the likelihood of your account being viewed by employers is 40 times higher if your account contains an image. But make sure that the image is professional and in a work environment, and avoid selfies (selfies) or spontaneous images that you may publish on other social networking sites.

Take advantage of the possibility to save searches

LinkedIn allows users to search for jobs for free and save 10 job searches in addition to three people searches. By saving them, they can be consulted periodically, and you can also receive weekly or monthly email alerts about jobs that suit your experience.

 Request recommendations from current and former colleagues and managers

Try to get at least 10 recommendations from colleagues or managers you know well, according to what Mary recommends. These certificates reflect strong professional relationships. In order to obtain it, you write recommendations for them, this will encourage them to return the favor.

 Complete the skills section and get certifications

Fill out the Skills section to get endorsement certifications. According to Bernstein, many recruiting professionals use paid accounts to search for skills, and conduct searches according to the number of ratifications of the skills they are looking for. Unlike recommendations, submitting certifications requires only clicking on the endorse button next to the skills. And if you certify the skills of others, this will encourage them to return the favor.

 Participate in groups related to your field of work.

LinkedIn is a social network in which professionals in different professions exchange experiences and discuss issues. Participation in Groups reflects your interest in developing yourself in your field. So Mary recommends that you post helpful links, comment on other people's posts, and add your valuable opinions as possible, as this shows your eagerness to stay up to date on issues related to your specialty.

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