How to get work on fiverr

How to get work on fiverr

How to get work on fiverr

How to get work on fiverr:

Working on the Internet like any other business needs to invest some time and effort as well as some experience and professionalism. But sometimes investing a very small amount of money can save you a lot of effort and time.

One of the most famous sites in the world is the site Fiverr named after this name because most of the services offered on this site does not exceed the price of $ 5. You can get a professional logo for your website, translation service, design, programming, marketing services and hundreds of services for only five dollars for each service. For example, if you want to start a new project on the Internet you can launch your project in a short time by relying on free services sites that will help you in the design and programming and anything else you want. You will gain more time and get professional services that will make your project a success.

Explain how to register on the site Fiverr :

- Enter this website via this link: Fiverr
- Press "join" at the top.
- Enter your email and press "Continue".
- Choose a username then a password and press "JOIN".
- Check your email and you will find a confirmation request from Fiverr. Open the message and click on the confirmation link.

Now your email has been confirmed. You can complete your personal information by hovering your mouse at the top right of the page and then clicking on "My Profile" in the menu that appears.
Now you can browse or search for the services you want by entering your search words in the search box above. Upon entering the service you will find information about the service, examples and examples of the service. You can request the service by clicking on "Proceed to Order" and then pay by your bank card or through your PayPal account.

What services can I sell? :

- Writing articles according to the language you speak.
- Review a specific product by filming it with a short video.
- E-book cover design.
- Convert images into cartoon characters.
- SEO and Backlink services
- Create logo, banners and image design services
- Sell photos of beautiful views or famous place in your city.
- Purchase and installation of hosting.
- Selling special templates such as Blogger and WordPress
 - Translate video clips.
- Create Android applications

FIVERR levels and how to rise easily :

FIVERR has 4 levels of vendors depending on their services. the valuations they receive, the profits they have collected, the percentage of communication with buyers and many other factors:
1- Once you open an account in FIVERR you will be a ( New Seller).
2- When you win the first $ 400 without any negative ratings it becomes  ( Level 1 )
3- When you win $ 2000, you are in (Level 2)
4- The top level in FIVERR is Top Seller when you sell for $ 20,000.

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