How to get work

- How to get work :

Getting work has become one of the most demanding efforts and passing many difficult stages. whether in the research stages or tests eligible for admission to work due to the large number of graduates and experienced in exchange for weak demand in the market. which makes it more difficult to obtain opportunities Real.
 However. getting a job is not impossible in the case of well-prepared self-development and self-development capabilities to achieve merit in obtaining the desired job, and there are some tips that make it easier for job seekers to succeed in those attempts easily.

- Curriculum Vitae:

 It is the means to present you to the employer, so the CV should be so attractive that the employer will read it to the end, so the CV should be as concise as possible and free of insignificant information, and should not contain as many decorations, colors and fonts. All information contained therein shall be genuine and the applicant shall be able to prove it in case of application. 

- Skills development:

The days of avoidance can be used to develop skills and scientific and practical abilities. Some funds can be provided for evening training courses in any specialization close to the field of work. Employers visit the social networking pages of potential candidates to work in order to get to know more of their personalities.

- Personal interview:

Most of the interview questions are limited to know more about the experience and skills possessed by the applicant, noting the way he deals with managers and his method of dialogue. so the person who is contacted in order to determine a job interview must take it very seriously but confidently with the skills and possibilities To that stage. Often, there are few vacancies for companies with large vacancies. so if there is little or no ambition for the jobseekers. so if the call comes from one of these submerged or medium-sized companies, the applicant should conduct a quick search of that company, its history and the most important. Her previous work, through the Internet, will allow the distinction from other qualified people to the same level of personal interview.

- Training:

There are some companies that offer internships with no monthly or nominal wages. and it is preferable to apply for such jobs during study or immediately after graduation because they are a very important experience factor that increases the strength of the CV when applying for any job.