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Can i get unemployment if i quit my job

Can i get unemployment if i quit my job

Can i get unemployment if i quit my job

Can you get benefits if you quit your job?

That it depends a the good-cause reasons :

  • You quit to take another job.
  • You became sick or disabled, or a member of your family became sick, disabled or died, and it was necessary for you to quit work.
  • You moved to be with your spouse or domestic partner whose job is outside your labor market area.
  • You needed to protect yourself or immediate family members from domestic violence or stalking.
  • Your employer reduced your usual pay or hours of work by 25 percent or more.
  • Your employer changed the location of your job so your commute is longer or harder.
  • You told your employer about a safety problem at work, and your employer did not fix the problem quickly.
  • You told your employer about an illegal activity at work, and your employer did not stop the activity quickly.
  • Your employer changed your usual work, and the work now goes against your religious or moral beliefs.
  • You entered approved apprenticeship training.
  • You started approved training under the Trade Act.
  • You worked full-time and part-time jobs at the same time, and you quit the part-time job

-Unemployment benefits  (Affected by COVID-19)

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google docs

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How to find a job without the documents?

How to get work without the documents

How to get a job without documents?

There are several things you must do during the job search process without having the documents among which are:

Know how to do this job?

Before applying for a job you have to look carefully at its conditions and job description, read it very carefully, search for the skills and expertise required, then ask yourself how you can do this job? .
If you have most of the skills and abilities required to do the job, you will have no obstacle other than a university degree, so find out if it is necessary or if the job ad says it is desirable to have a university qualification. 

Take training courses

If you are unable to obtain the documents to finds easy job, you must obtain training courses to help you find good jobs, add these courses to your CV, and try to make up for the shortfall in the field of education and certificates.
Getting training courses has become easy and simple these days, you can get training via the websites, which provide many accredited training courses offered by qualified people with great experience.

Establishing a large network of relationships

Establishing a large networks of relationships is one of the most important things for your success and achieving progress in your job regardless of anything you do, regardless of the industry in which you work. so when you apply for a job you have to communicate with someone in this company and let him know that you did So  ask him if he is willing to write a letter of recommendation, or talk to your employers. 

In your identification letter, state that you spoke to this person about this job. In any case, you should make sure to establish a large and complex network of relationships, and ask them about the developments of the situation and what are the things that you have to do in order to get good jobs, and ask them to tell you whether there are opportunities available or not.

Be positive

Do not talk about not having the documents for this job in the introductory letter you send to companies or institutions, and avoid some phrases like “I know I do not have the documents, but…”, and do not fully address it, instead focus on your skills and experiences, and try to persuade a reader Discourse that you are the best to do this job.

Using linkedin to find a job

Using linkedin to find a job

Using linkedin to find a job

Linkedin has become the common ground for professionals around the world and is one of the most important tools for employment, research skills, and social communication for business purposes, but, like other tools, it is not effective if it is not used correctly

Here are ten tips for using LinkedIn to find a job and show your account to the largest number of recruitment companies:

 Complete your 100 percent account filling.

The incomplete account reflects the lack of seriousness with the job seeker, so make sure that your account is 100 percent complete, to include a complete picture and list of your certificates, experiences, and accomplishments with links if you find you. Make sure that the account reflects your most recent information. List specific examples and examples of your successes, and start building links and professional relationships.

Put the key words about yourself.

Employers conduct searches to find potential employees, and the more important words about your competencies are ahead, the higher your account results, according to Brenda Bernstein, editor of, and author of "How to create an effective LinkedIn account and 18 errors that should be avoided.

To determine the best keywords, Bernstein recommends "review your skills and review job offers for which you consider yourself eligible. Ask yourself: Which of these skills is the most frequently used in job offers? Use them in the introduction".

If you are currently employed and looking for another job, you do not need to put information in your account about your job search, as Bernstein recommends. "Just complete your account as if you were successful in your current job and want to expand the fields of professional dating".

 Make sure your photo is professional.

According to LinkedIn itself, the likelihood of your account being viewed by employers is 40 times higher if your account contains an image. But make sure that the image is professional and in a work environment, and avoid selfies (selfies) or spontaneous images that you may publish on other social networking sites.

Take advantage of the possibility to save searches

LinkedIn allows users to search for jobs for free and save 10 job searches in addition to three people searches. By saving them, they can be consulted periodically, and you can also receive weekly or monthly email alerts about jobs that suit your experience.

 Request recommendations from current and former colleagues and managers

Try to get at least 10 recommendations from colleagues or managers you know well, according to what Mary recommends. These certificates reflect strong professional relationships. In order to obtain it, you write recommendations for them, this will encourage them to return the favor.

 Complete the skills section and get certifications

Fill out the Skills section to get endorsement certifications. According to Bernstein, many recruiting professionals use paid accounts to search for skills, and conduct searches according to the number of ratifications of the skills they are looking for. Unlike recommendations, submitting certifications requires only clicking on the endorse button next to the skills. And if you certify the skills of others, this will encourage them to return the favor.

 Participate in groups related to your field of work.

LinkedIn is a social network in which professionals in different professions exchange experiences and discuss issues. Participation in Groups reflects your interest in developing yourself in your field. So Mary recommends that you post helpful links, comment on other people's posts, and add your valuable opinions as possible, as this shows your eagerness to stay up to date on issues related to your specialty.

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best place to post jobs

best place to post jobs

Websites have become one of the most popular ways to find work abroad. Indeed, there are hundreds of websites that offer these services through their own search engines using fast, easy-to-use search tools. These search results are usually presented based on the type of job, location and expected salary.

What distinguishes these sites from recruitment agents is that you don't have to pay any costs.

Here are the best place to post jobs.

Web sites to get work-indeed

One of the best recruitment sites in the world today and leads most of the services related to the search for work, including websites, paper publications and classifieds. An impressive feature of this site is that it allows the user to upload his resume and share it directly with employers.

Web sites to get work-careerbuilder

This site has various partnerships with a number of newspapers and newspapers to include classified job-related ads on the pages of the site. Career builder is usually an important option for job seekers around the world.

Google for jobs

Web sites to get work-google

One of Google's signature products is primarily designed to help users find the right job. We can describe Google for jobs as a specialized search engine for vacancies. This is done by combining search results from a variety of sources. Users can get more accurate results by narrowing their search by relying on search options.

Web sites to get work-dice

Dice is a leading job search site in the technology sector and lists search results according to user-defined preferences such as company name, job title, job type, or geographic location. It also allows users to increase their CVs, track job vacancies, and receive salary and wage information.

Web sites to get work-glassdoor

A community that helps individuals to find work and companies to search for talent, the site provides subscribers with access to the company's salary and wage reports, assessments and reviews, and thus drives the user to make the best decision possible.

Web sites to get work-linkedin

The largest professional social network on the Internet that allows users to search for work and follow professionals, managers and companies to see their activities, news and vacancies they advertise. 
More recently, employees can upload samples of their previous work to potential employers, and some companies usually request a LinkedIn account instead of a traditional resume.

THE 6 Websites to search work :
Google for jobs

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work from home jobs online

work from home jobs online

Looking for work from home is no longer difficult. With the development of communications and the spread of social networking sites, anyone can search for a job that does not need to leave the house.
So if you want to work but don't want to stick to a routine or can't work outside the home, here are several jobs you can do and earn money without leaving home.

Work from the kitchen

Work from the kitchen

If you find yourself capable of making delicious food, you should use that talent to start your own business by cooking and selling a variety of food items.
You will find great demand for your food, especially from working women who do not have time to prepare food at home, and people who prefer home food over restaurant meals.
There are two ways to start the idea, either by signing up for home food apps. The other solution is to create your own page through the networking sites and display the types of food that you find making, and determine the value of each meal. It will take a lot more effort at first because you rely entirely on the number of acquaintances who will help spread your name after many experiments, but if you achieve a spread will return the entire financial return to you.

Online researcher

Online researcher work

Are you a good researcher ? . Many companies and marketers need someone who is able to do a peer-to-peer online search. You can use Indeed to search for job seekers. The site also offers a search service for many other jobs from home, such as a call center. Or a Web Designer.



The job is to turn audio files into written, and you will listen to university lectures or seminars and turn them into written texts.
The advantage of this function is that it does not require fixed working hours, you can determine the times that suit you to work, and is available across several sites, including "Up Work" and "Transcribeme".


Translater- work online

If you are fluent in two or more languages ​​with the ability to accurately translate between the two languages, you can receive translation requests from employers, and deal remotely at home.
Indeed, you can search for your application. You can also use Shoghl online, which serves as a link between your application and employers who want to take advantage of your skills.

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How to get work on fiverr

How to get work on fiverr

How to get work on fiverr:

Working on the Internet like any other business needs to invest some time and effort as well as some experience and professionalism. But sometimes investing a very small amount of money can save you a lot of effort and time.

One of the most famous sites in the world is the site Fiverr named after this name because most of the services offered on this site does not exceed the price of $ 5. You can get a professional logo for your website, translation service, design, programming, marketing services and hundreds of services for only five dollars for each service. For example, if you want to start a new project on the Internet you can launch your project in a short time by relying on free services sites that will help you in the design and programming and anything else you want. You will gain more time and get professional services that will make your project a success.

Explain how to register on the site Fiverr :

- Enter this website via this link: Fiverr
- Press "join" at the top.
- Enter your email and press "Continue".
- Choose a username then a password and press "JOIN".
- Check your email and you will find a confirmation request from Fiverr. Open the message and click on the confirmation link.

Now your email has been confirmed. You can complete your personal information by hovering your mouse at the top right of the page and then clicking on "My Profile" in the menu that appears.
Now you can browse or search for the services you want by entering your search words in the search box above. Upon entering the service you will find information about the service, examples and examples of the service. You can request the service by clicking on "Proceed to Order" and then pay by your bank card or through your PayPal account.

What services can I sell? :

- Writing articles according to the language you speak.
- Review a specific product by filming it with a short video.
- E-book cover design.
- Convert images into cartoon characters.
- SEO and Backlink services
- Create logo, banners and image design services
- Sell photos of beautiful views or famous place in your city.
- Purchase and installation of hosting.
- Selling special templates such as Blogger and WordPress
 - Translate video clips.
- Create Android applications

FIVERR levels and how to rise easily :

FIVERR has 4 levels of vendors depending on their services. the valuations they receive, the profits they have collected, the percentage of communication with buyers and many other factors:
1- Once you open an account in FIVERR you will be a ( New Seller).
2- When you win the first $ 400 without any negative ratings it becomes  ( Level 1 )
3- When you win $ 2000, you are in (Level 2)
4- The top level in FIVERR is Top Seller when you sell for $ 20,000.


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